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Spraying is an integral part of any pastoral or cropping operation and involves plenty of knowledge, experience and expertise. Reymer Ag understand the importance of a reliable spraying service and invest heavily in staying at the forefront of technology in this area.

Our spraying rig utilizes GPS and automatic section control to apply chemicals and fertilisers at precise rates without costly overlaps.

Reymer Ag have a huge amount of experience when it comes to spraying liquid fertilisers and urea. An onsite mixing station is available for dissolving urea into water for foliar application.

Reymer Ag use Trac Map Online. This system allows the customer to provide us with spraying orders online ensuring the correct product is applied to the correct paddock.

Proof of placement maps are emailed directly to the customer upon job completion. This will show the actual area sprayed and the time it took to complete the job.