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Roller drilling
A 4.5 meter folding roller drill is especially useful for sowing both small and large seeds in cultivated soils at work rates up to 3ha/hr. Our machine works on a three step system: 1 seed. 2 harrow (cover).  3  consolidate.

Direct Drilling
Our direct drill has a row spacing of 125mm (5”) eliminating the need for cross drilling. It can place fertiliser in between the seed rows to give crops a healthy start in cultivated or un cultivated fields.

Maize Planting          
The Vaderstad tempo is the most accurate precision planter on the market today. Coupled to a GPS system, the planter will auto shut off at angled headlands and troughs etc eliminating costly overlaps.

No Tillage      
Over cultivating soil over many successive years can seriously damage soil structure leading to poor drainage and crop yield decrease, as well as a decline in soil biology. To alleviate this possible damage Reymer Ag have developed our own best practice and invested in drills capable for zero tillage cropping system.

Our maize planter can be quickly readjusted to plant maize direct into sprayed off pasture giving a more sustainable approach to farming.