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Reymer Ag run two sets of triple mowers both equipped with tine conditioners to cover the ground quickly and speed up wilting of the crop. A mower crimper is used for specialist crops such as Lucerne.

Our hard centre variable chamber round balers are used to bale silage and hay. Both balers can chop silage and hay with up to 15 knives, and produce heavy dense bales of quality feed. Reymer Ag offer two ways to wrap and store bales. Tube and individual.

1, Tube wrapped bales offer many advantages including significant cost and film savings.  Less waste and ease of feeding out.

2, Individual wrapped bales make great use of confined spaces and allow for transport at a later date.

High capacity self-loading wagons are ideal for harvesting larger areas as well as smaller areas of silage up to 8km from paddock to pit. Cut length is approximately 38mm, which has been found to be ideal chop length for animals to digest. Loader wagons are the most cost effective way to harvest large amounts of grass compared to other systems such as baling or chopping.

 Stacking is completed by a 15 tonne tractor and loader fitted with a silo compactor which exerts enormous point pressure on the crop to form very tight well compacted stacks or bunkers.

We also supply pit covers and inoculant.